Annette Duveroth sitting on mossy stone in pine forest.

Annette Duveroth

Annette Duveroth sitting in nature

Here to bring forth the true essence of what we are

In addition to a variety of professions, I am a long-time active practitioner of energy healing and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

A few years ago, I felt the need to retreat from everything - to go within myself. A calling to remember and recognize the difference between the pure natural frequency of light and the "false synthetic light" I perceived all around me. Of course, both qualities have their place in this universe, but only the natural, sovereign light can truly enable us to remember our infinite abilities.

I had to put my words into action, go within, do the inner work and bring all the pieces together - align myself with my source energy. Also with the soul of Terra, the soul of the sun, the soul of this galaxy, the soul of the universe...

All to reveal the forgotten truth that still lies deep within me.

Now is the time for me to step out of my silence to be fully who I am here. That is why I am here now, to communicate and bring forth the true essence of who we are.

Words often tend to mislead, and I use them wisely. I share brief reflections to awaken your urge to go within. Only you can complete this "inner work" for yourself.

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Within the Art of Visuals

On this website I also communicate the energetic codes and seeds of pure origin through the Art of Visuals.

I'm a passionate photographer and sign my photographs "a touch of Duveroth".

I consciously add my energetic touch to everything I create.

With or without a visual signature, all photos on this website are taken and owned by ⓒ Duveroth.

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