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Are you ready to explore your true inner potential? Are you in the transformation of leaving the caterpillar-state behind, to open to new dimensions…?

About me

My name is Annette Duveroth, and I am here only to point out possible perspectives of what we truly are — beyond being amazing Human Beings

Annette Duveroth

What can I do for you?

DNA healing

DNA Healing Sessions

I offer DNA healing sessions, both locally in my clinic, and worldwide through distance healing.

There is no limitation to the intelligence of the Energy, which is constantly present to set us free from our present blockages. Deep inside you already know this for certain, and you sense a deep longing to set yourself free again.

Seeds of Inspiration

In my blog, I share insights of wisdom in a naked and simple way straight from the heart. Seeds of inspiration and truth are merged into words and artwork to assist you in knowing your own certainty.

If you have landed on my website there is a great possibility that what you are looking for —  is here to find you! 

Seeds of Inspiration

Seeds from the blog...

Regenerating the DNA

Regenerate your DNA

With the use of beautiful labels; as a certified TuiNa therapist, TCM practitioner, energy healer, Lightworker, alchemist, spiritual teacher or whatever, I can gain the curiosity from you and many others seeking for help and answers. Though, this would still not say anything about my ability, or what we are truly capable of — as Human Beings. No labels or words can ever give an eligible perspective of our infinite ability. Do not let this fool you.

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Breaking the Silence

Time has finally come for me to break my three-year long internet-silence. Of course, I have shown up occasionally to share some events, but now I am back with my new blog and website. It has all gone through a complete makeover to reflect what and where I am right now.

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I am here to communicate….

Feel free to contact me either through the contact form, or through social media. You find links to my contact form and social profiles below.

I am looking forward to meeting new people, new challenges, new perspectives and of course new opportunities. 

Annette Duveroth