DNA Healing Session

I offer DNA healing sessions, both locally in my clinic (Röstånga, Sweden) and worldwide through distance healing.

There is no limitation to the intelligence of the energy (strings of coded information), which is omnipresent to set us free from our current blockages. Unfortunately, we have come to believe the indoctrinated lies about diseases and chronical conditions. Thereby, we have also been shut down from our natural ability to self-heal and reconnect to our true unique potential.

One by one, we start to reawaken and see through the illusion of all the false information that bombards us. Straight to the point; there is no alignment between our health and the wealth of the pharmaceutical industry. Now then, instead of falling into blame, anger and even more resistance, there is a divine all-embracing way… 

Quite simply, it is possible to reset and regenerate our DNA in accordance to its intelligent origin. Deep inside you already know this for certain, and you probably sense a profound longing to set yourself free again.

Feel free to contact me for more information and requests regarding your unique situation. I am dedicated to share the communication of the benevolent energies.

A life in health is our birthright as Human Beings. 

DNA Healing in the Clinic

in Röstånga, Sweden
SEK 800
  • Session: 60-90 minutes
  • Step by step guidance through the process
  • Price including VAT

DNA Healing at a Distance

anywhere on Earth
SEK 500
  • Session (inkl documentation): 60 minutes
  • Written documentation and feedback
  • Price including VAT