Remote Session

Annette Duveroth sitting in nature

During the remote session

By booking a session, you give me permission to enter your space. I respectfully tune into your energies and being and communicate directly with your source energy.

From then on, no two remote sessions are the same. The process never follows a fixed structure. It will unfold through what is right for you at that moment.

I assist with my presence in various forms. I am just a tool.

  • Like an aligning bridge that allows the energies to pass through. The energy was always present in you, it knew its way and could not pass for various reasons.

  • Like a gentle breeze that lifts the fog, the moment it dissipates and everything becomes clear. In the same way, everything that was hidden has always been there, nothing new is added.

It is not necessary for you to be in a certain state during the session. This process takes place outside the dimension of our perception of time. It will all unfold whether you are asleep, awake, or focused on any activity.

After the remote session

Immediately after the session, I write down a brief description of what I experienced and what messages I should convey to you. I send this summary to your mail (or other communication service).

The DNA Remembrance process starts immediately and within 72 hours you will feel changes. I am always available to answer your further questions and considerations after the session.

One session is enough to start the Remembrance process. It cannot be said often enough. Only you can do your inner work to attain your "knowing" and bring the memory of who you really are into this reality.

I dedicate 1 hour for your remote session (active session plus written summary).
Price: 700 SEK (70 EUR or 70 USD)
Payment: Paypal (or Swish within Sweden)

Book a Remote Session
Old bridge, Klingstorp Sweden

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