Text & Artwork by  Annette Duveroth

With the use of beautiful labels; as a certified TuiNa therapist, TCM practitioner, energy healer, Lightworker, alchemist, spiritual teacher or whatever, I can gain the curiosity from you and many others seeking for help and answers. Though, this would still not say anything about my ability, or what we are truly capable of — as Human Beings. No labels or words can ever give an eligible perspective of our infinite ability. Do not let this fool you.

Find the essence of healing

As practitioners, working in this field, we often find our minds stuffed with an endless stream of studies and educations. Many times this leads us further away from the essence of what we were seeking. In my case, I came to a point where I had to take a step back, to distance myself from all the gathered knowledge and healing techniques. I felt a deep urge to totally estrange myself from all the literature of alternative medicine, studies, dictionaries, healing prescriptions… all of it! Some of it was sold or given away, and the rest was burned in a releasing fire. Layer by layer, I peeled it all off again.

Why did I do this? Where did this urge come from?

There was an inner voice calling me back to the memories of Knowing. An aware knowing where there is no need for mind based strategies or documentations. Instead, the very presence of our Being is all that is required. In this state, it is possible to read and convey the informational (coded) energy of any situation.

When we truly open our minds to the immeasurable capability within this Universe, then we are struck by the insight of how ridiculously complex we have allowed pure Simplicity to become.

Unless you already know this for certain, try to imagine a space where strings of informational (coded) energy with various frequencies are floating around, and where every single string is connected to all the others. Everything is integrated and still communicating its “own” uniqueness.

This is also how the intelligent strings of your unique DNA are being communicated within my vision during a healing session. Sometimes, I also hear a distant micro-clicking or snapping as the strings realign. I'm not here to direct or interfere with this process. My commitment is only to be the transmitting bridge. This energy holds the coded information about the prime origin of our DNA, and it immediately starts the regenerating resonance-process in our body and aura. The process then continues by itself until done.

Allow the realignment to unfold in your DNA

Here we approach another controversial question:

How many healing sessions do you need?

Well, I say — One!

Unless we step in with our determined minds to counteract the process, it will reconnect the DNA to the frequency that best suits the present situation as a whole.

To me, it appears totally insane to communicate what we call Source Energy, and then NOT to fully trust its intelligence. This is also why I took a step back from all that I had been taught and recommended. Why should there be any need for you to get frequently repeated sessions? Is this to convince ourselves — or to convince Source Energy of its infinite capability?

Out of this divided state, I finally found my Certainty. Therefore, I´m also truly grateful for all the lessons my path has pulled me through.

If you have any pain, chronic symptoms or maybe just feel stuck in your life, you are welcome to book a healing session or just contact me to get more information. I´m here to communicate…

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