The Dragon Inside

Travel with your inner dragon through different dimensions.

An unexpected reunuion

Recently I had an unexpected but dear reunion with my dragoness Dreja. She used to shine in her metallic blue-turquoise glow and accompany me everywhere.

That was about ten years ago, and now she suddenly appeared in front of me and reminded me of all that again.

My son Oskar had burned the lower part of some huge oak stakes. I was so fascinated by those stakes and the charcoal patterns. For three days I photographed them from all angles and felt them "calling" me there. Only later did I figure out why. While editing some of the photos in Lightroom, I suddenly felt Dreja's presence in the "eye" of one of the poles. There was actually a warm glow in it. (This is not added in Lightroom).

Have you met your inner dragon yet?

Perhaps you have forgotten your inner power to travel through dimensions.

Look deep into the eye of the dragon and you will see the eternal glow. Join your dragon, sit up, take a ride.

Listen to what the dragon says:

"Where do you want to be? I will take you there. It's the only way I can show you that you are already there. You have already arrived."

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July 21, 2022
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