Natural or Artificial structures

There is a point of knowingness when you remember that you are already ALL what you can ever be wishing for. A place where fear no longer rules and your inner voice clearly leads you to discern between natural and artificial structures.

The set structures in alternative medicine

My path led me deep into the world of alternative medicine and energy work. I have repeatedly come to the point of having to break out of all the fixed, “artificial” structures and cleverly hidden dogmas I have encountered. Over and over, my inner voice has told me; “Annette, there is no need for this! There is a simpler and more powerful way.”

The alchemy is lost

Everywhere fixed structures are woven into the energies that set limits to their omniscient natural intelligence. True alchemy is lost in this practice. It keeps both the practitioner and the client in loops outside their direct inner power and essence. The loop becomes a trap, and the subtle presence of fear keeps it in place.

Trapped in systems

  • Create a "system" and make people believe that something must be done or practiced a certain way to be "real" and effective.
  • Set qualification and certification levels that always maintain the inferiority and fallibility of the practitioner.
  • Make the use of expensive tools and equipment a condition of achieving the desired result.
  • Convince people that healing and recovery is a slow process and that many diseases are chronic and require recurring appointments and treatments.

Become a neutral tool

I just had to distance myself from all of this. None of it represents the true essence of our inherent power to be a soul in a human body on this planet, here and now.

Of course, everything has its justification. We live in a universe of opposites, and by perceiving what is not naturally "real" we learn to distinguish the nonsense from the pure essence. If I had not experienced this first-hand, I probably would not know the difference.

Today, I no longer adhere to any labeled system or technique. As a tool, I have become "neutral" and no longer interfere to set limits to the sovereign source codes.

A fractal in a fractal Universe

You may be familiar with the aspect of a fractal universe where everything is a part of the whole and also contains the code, memory and intelligence of the whole.

We have come into this existence already connected to everything we can imagine
- and more.
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August 19, 2022
Annette Duveroth
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